Client Change Request顾客信息的变更

以下由客户填写To Be Completed By Client

日期Date:                                        合同号Contract No.:

联系人/职务Current Contact/TiItle:


Change To变更为:

公司名称Current Company Name:


Change To变更为:

公司地址Current Address:


Change To变更为:

电话Current Phone、电子邮箱Current Email或网站Current Website:


Change To变更为:



Change To变更为:

范围Current Scope:


Change To变更为:

这些变更影响到管理体系吗?Do These Changes Affect the Management System?    是Yes:     否No:

请说明变更Please Explain Changes:  


是否变更了场所?Are You Changing Locations?                               


是Yes, 新增Add New:


是Yes, 搬迁Remove:  

若是TS项目,厂址是否完全搬迁If the client is an already ISO/TS 16949 certified site moves to a different address. (是Yes;否No),是否符合所有判定条件:Do they meet all the requirements:1.新厂址的企业员工数80%及以上由原厂搬迁而来;80% or more of the employees transfer from the previous certified site to the new location;2.新厂址的企业设备与原厂址一致,且无新设备增加;The equipment being used in the new location is the same equipment as in previous certified site with no new or revised processes being introduced;3. 新厂址的产品范围与原厂址一致,且无新产品增加。The product(s) is (are) at the new location is (are) the same as at the previous certified site with no new product(s) being added.



是否新增或变更了活动范围?Are You Adding/Changing Your Scope of Work?      是Yes:       否No:

请列出新的范围信息Please List New Scope Info:



以下由NSF-ISR填写For NSF-ISR Completion:

没有包括在审核报告中的任何管理体系,范围或场所的变更应获得技术委员会的批准。假如不涉及这些项目的变更,批准可以由非技术委员会成员执行。Any changes to management system, scope or site location not included in audit report require Registration Committee Approval. If these items are not being changed, approval may be granted by any NSF-ISR staff member.

基于以上的信息,是否需要额外的现场审核?Will an Onsite Audit be Required Based on Above Info?  

是Yes:      否No:

是否需要颁发修订证书?Does a Revised Certificate Need to be Issued?

是Yes:      否No:

附注Additional Notes:


批准人Approved by: __________________________                  日期Date: _____________


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NSF-ISR (China) Client Change Request

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