为什么选择 NSF-ISR

  Q-Tech公司执行副总裁 Richard Taylor 先生这样评价我们:非常感谢NSF-ISR帮助和指导Q-Tech公司通过了AS9100认证过程的艰苦工作和挑战!我们对这项成就很自豪,我们期望和NSF-ISR继续携手并进。

Aerospace Solutions

  At NSF-ISR,we know the aerospace business inside out.With a heritage of quality management systems experience,we are a full service registrar tothe aerospace induetry.Whether you are in the supply base or an OEM,we service your needs to meet these crucial international aerospace standards.
  Our full service offering means just that.Not only do we provide compan-ies with AS9100,but also AS9110,AS9120and As9003.
  Full service doesn’t just refer to our aerospace standards offering either.We cater to all parts of the aerospace industry,ensuring our experience and core competencies are available to all,no matter what sector you serve.Wehelp the aerospace industry fly in safer skies.

Industries served include

  Communications-Etectronics-Avionics and Controls-Satellite Production-Missiles-Commercial Aircraft-Military Aircraft-OEM’s
  With a broad customer base across each aerospace sector,NSF-ISR ranks as one of North America’s top full service registrars.We utilize our expertise with all sizes of companies,from small suppliers to large organi-zations.
  Read what Mr.Richard Taylor,Executive Vice President,from Q-Tsch Corporation thinks of us:“Many thanks to NSF-ISR for helping guide Q-Tech through the challenges and hard work of the As9100 registration process! We are proud of this accomplishment and look forward to working with you to maintain our registration in the years to come.”