ISO 13485

    在今天的全球市场中,许多组织都利用ISO 13485作为一个建立他们的业务管理系统的平台。通过ISO 13485是保障和维护全球业务的关键。
注册ISO 13485的益处


   NSF-ISR是美国第一个获得ANAB许可从事ISO 13485认证的组织


   不管你的目标是要提高业务,扩大本地市场或者走向世界,至少你通过了NSF-ISR的ISO 13485就将会是向全世界证明你的质量承诺。

ISO 13485

   In today’s global marketplace, many organizations are utilizing ISO 13485 as a platform to build their business management system. Registration to ISO 13485 is key to securing and ,aintaining global business.
Benifits of Registrtion to ISO 13485
  Enables your organization to become more cost-sffective
  Improves internal communications, sffeciency
  Satisfies a significant portion of the EU Directive requirements for marketing medical devices in Europe

Why Choose NSF-ISR?

NSF-ISR Qualifications

  NSF-ISR is the first US registrar to obtain ANAB accreditation for ISO 13485
  NSF-ISR has completed thousands of registrations
  Our auditors are professionals, experienced in business management Systems
  Audits focus on customer satisfaction, business goals andobjectives

NSF-ISR Advantages

  We bring real-world knowledge and practical experience to our auditing Program
  We offer value-added auditing. Our approach ensures audits focus on important business areas
  NSF-ISR’s lead auditors are assigned to your organization on a long-term basis
  Our stringent auditors are assigbed to your organization on a long-term Basis
  Our stringent auditor training and on-going evaluationa ensure consistency of your audits
  Whether your goal is to enhance operations, expand locally or operate internationally, the bottom line is that registration to ISO 13485 through NSF-ISR will prove your quality commitment to the world.